Sunday, December 25, 2011

To The Masters of Vipassana Communicate are There Ways To Insights Better?

In A circle was how we moved. Our natural path in life is somehow to be numb to most of the goings on of the mind. Ignorance of these results in suffering . There is a way I know to reverse this natural path. Vipassana. Path of Insight. They don’t advertise it and I wonder why not.

We who have started on the path of new seeing wonder what’s ahead from those who have been on the path longer, the best teachings will come from the more ancient masters of the path…they should be able to tell us exactly how to do the whole Nirvana attainment quicker by just figuring out a way of telling us how the insights are done…I don’t know …I realize…but  I cant help  wondering if there is a way to put some phenomena into words. I wonder if it’s like trying to tell a man blind from birth what the experience of seeing the color red is like. I would tell the blind man that the color red is a certain frequency of light that changes its character slowly into another color as the frequency changes, like any certain color.  Humans see colors from certain things in existence and one of them is red.  

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Bus mall blues

Well, I am on the bus. I have wifi access for only a sec while...oh, the bus is going....

Monday, October 31, 2011

to toilate guy

Oh, Lets see, this was a reenactment and you did great. I remember originally I had a problem because you... the guy having a BM did so at the same time that the other guy got clocked that made the other guy have a BM also because you guys are both on that Tiger Blood that Carlie Sheen has been trying to sell and

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Effective Education = A Key to WORLD PEACE?

@oldtreebeard1 We can help everyone(the whole world) with better EFFECTIVE education everywhere, right? I have a plan. If this plan were to work successfully...this plan would eventually,,,cause us all to have more "world peace" all around us (: (VISUALIZE THAT)...cause us to be more of an Utopian society.

This plan relies on the hope that people can change and they need effective guidance for that change. The hope in that the "guidance" is effective enough to help people change.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Month To Get SCARED!!!

My dad has big half inch thick gnarled fingernail claws, like he has 10 fingernails stacked on each finger, now I'm wondering about his toes. Hmm...He never let anyone see his feet for some reason... OMG! I'm half alien or something!! 
Well, you never know...
Happy Halloween

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Funniest video ever if your not on an iPod

@sogginator6 you didn't see the annotations or you wouldn't say that. I can confidently say that my videos are closer to the best videos ever. Sorry you had a bad experience. ( I need to erase all my bad videos too, I like to think of myself as a minor Babe Ruth with both homerun and strikeout records) . It's so sad that people who see my bad videos will never give me a second chance. If u don't like my channel then I wonder what does make you laugh.

Weed Is Just A Plant?

I disagree! Weed isn't just a plant? Well, it is much more. It's an awesome plant that can give people feelings of euphoria, enhance creativity and expand the doors of perception like no other plant...

                                         (not that it doesn't have some disadvantages).

It is obviously better than maybe...hmm... gee...let's see.... ALCOHOLISM!?!?
Alcohol is a mass super killer of all the drugs and IT IS A DRUG!
Why  do people say "drugs & alcohol" anyway? Maybe I am missing something but I think it's CONFORMITY! MASS DELUSION! As if alcohol is set apart from the harder, more filthy & less Holy drugs. Hey people, even Jesus got his drink on. Jesus is cool. I see the allure I guess but I  but I also see some reality being distorted here that is representative of some bigger issues (and lots and lots of smaller issues too by the way). Am I missing something?
This means, to my knowledge...that there is no simple, one syllable term that means "Drugs & Alcohol". You have to say either "drugs & alcohol" or "intoxicating substance". If you try to write something like "the level of drug use has sky rocketed" and you want the meaning of the word "drug" to mean booze as well as those stinky drugs then guess what? You aren't expressing yourself correctly now are you? Bad grammar person!
OKAY NOW...the following might be misinformation or a rumor I heard(Hell, so might the above) please take it for what it's worth. I mean....O   M   G, it might be fictional to some degree but come on, get out of the way, I'm blogging here:
Now...back in World War II in the USA... a  Company(DuPont supposedly) that made cheap rope out of synthetic fibers started a campaign to besmirch marijuana. It worked out for this company too... as reality became distorted to the unknowing US voting public. The voters hadn't a chance because of all the companies false rumors, false advertisements & other dishonest happenings involving some of the more greedy part's of the government...
They did this because the hemp fibers of the marijuana plant were some high quality competition that made them crap they're greedy shorts... The reason for them shitting themselves? All they had was inferior synthetic rope and they new hemp was better but in case they lost they're disgusting campaign against good old pot...they did have just enough hemp rope to properly hang themselves...if they had lost...(OK, so that last part I added in for flavor but C'mon, I'm blogging over here! )
So, OK... if anyone out there can find information that could more validate that what I heard was to some degree.. fiction or a rumor than please comment below.

If anyone out there can dig up some information that could more corroborate what I have heard then please comment below. Thanks Uilium Powell of YouTube

Saturday, October 15, 2011

RADIOHEAD I Want None Of This

People Call Me Christ

If you have seen what I look like these days, I know what your thinking... People say "Hey it's Jesus" or "Hey, you look like Christ" or  "Hey, we are freaking saved now suckers!!" . I didn't need  all this name calling! So now I just wear a beanie. 

OK, I wear the Beanie  on like bad hair days but still... being called Jesus all the time is a bit...Uh...You know what, it's fine. I have nothing against it. Nobody is making fun of me...right? 

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shoplifting & Backpacks and Women’s Purses

When a store asks you to put your backpack behind the counter they are asking you to trust them not to go through your possessions. It’s really silly because if someone’s going to shoplift they are going to shoplift. Right? They will stuff that bag of cat food down there pants or slip that expensive ring in there ear. Next the store will be asking you for your jeans because they are too baggy… and while stores asks you to put your backpacks behind the counter they don’t bother to grab women’s purses, do they? These days you could fit a pickup in some purses the ladies are carrying around. I guess a store has a right to act as retarded as they want to, or do they? What do you think web surfer? Am I being too sensitive or do I have a point?

This is the first blog I am writing with my new Toshiba netbook computer and I purchased it 3 days ago. When I bought it I had it… perhaps in my backpack…and maybe this certain cashier ripped it off while I was buying groceries…and maybe the police just found it today down at this certain local pawn shop…and DEFINATLY they asked me to put my backpack that I was going to carry my recovered netbook home with behind the flipping counter!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Malnourished Heroin Addict Vampire

He fed on the pimps, dealers and prostitutes. He was addicted to the human blood and what they where addicted to, heroin.
He didn't even realize that he was addicted to it...he didn't know he could get addicted to it...he just thought that scum bags had evil in they're gains energizing him, and I will tell you the story of that later if I remember...

Bad Trip on Weed

Weed. It exists. For some it's beyond they're reach because of ignorance or fear but some just don't like it. I had a bad trip of religious proportions. Before that I was having so much fun on an epic level...such bliss. I thought in the back of my mind that I would have to pay for this because I was conformed to the Idea that you don't bet something for nothing. So...In the middle of the bliss my mind drifted towards that idea of eternal pain and my mind experienced just thinking about pain and existence and I felt it for a split second, this mental torment of mega unbearable proportions. I felt the bliss for around 10 hours over the course of 2 weeks...This unbearable experience was over in a second but I spent the next 2 week at home watching TV tripping on the experience and in a sense feeling real bad over thinking about the experience, being obsessed with it , trying to figure it out so it would go away...because when I thought about the experience it would make me feel bad, reliving it but I had to figure it out because my eternal soul was at stake. In 2 weeks I stopped obsessing over it and just let it go...