Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Shoplifting & Backpacks and Women’s Purses

When a store asks you to put your backpack behind the counter they are asking you to trust them not to go through your possessions. It’s really silly because if someone’s going to shoplift they are going to shoplift. Right? They will stuff that bag of cat food down there pants or slip that expensive ring in there ear. Next the store will be asking you for your jeans because they are too baggy… and while stores asks you to put your backpacks behind the counter they don’t bother to grab women’s purses, do they? These days you could fit a pickup in some purses the ladies are carrying around. I guess a store has a right to act as retarded as they want to, or do they? What do you think web surfer? Am I being too sensitive or do I have a point?

This is the first blog I am writing with my new Toshiba netbook computer and I purchased it 3 days ago. When I bought it I had it… perhaps in my backpack…and maybe this certain cashier ripped it off while I was buying groceries…and maybe the police just found it today down at this certain local pawn shop…and DEFINATLY they asked me to put my backpack that I was going to carry my recovered netbook home with behind the flipping counter!

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