Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Weed Is Just A Plant?

I disagree! Weed isn't just a plant? Well, it is much more. It's an awesome plant that can give people feelings of euphoria, enhance creativity and expand the doors of perception like no other plant...

                                         (not that it doesn't have some disadvantages).

It is obviously better than maybe...hmm... gee...let's see.... ALCOHOLISM!?!?
Alcohol is a mass super killer of all the drugs and IT IS A DRUG!
Why  do people say "drugs & alcohol" anyway? Maybe I am missing something but I think it's CONFORMITY! MASS DELUSION! As if alcohol is set apart from the harder, more filthy & less Holy drugs. Hey people, even Jesus got his drink on. Jesus is cool. I see the allure I guess but I  but I also see some reality being distorted here that is representative of some bigger issues (and lots and lots of smaller issues too by the way). Am I missing something?
This means, to my knowledge...that there is no simple, one syllable term that means "Drugs & Alcohol". You have to say either "drugs & alcohol" or "intoxicating substance". If you try to write something like "the level of drug use has sky rocketed" and you want the meaning of the word "drug" to mean booze as well as those stinky drugs then guess what? You aren't expressing yourself correctly now are you? Bad grammar person!
OKAY NOW...the following might be misinformation or a rumor I heard(Hell, so might the above) please take it for what it's worth. I mean....O   M   G, it might be fictional to some degree but come on, get out of the way, I'm blogging here:
Now...back in World War II in the USA... a  Company(DuPont supposedly) that made cheap rope out of synthetic fibers started a campaign to besmirch marijuana. It worked out for this company too... as reality became distorted to the unknowing US voting public. The voters hadn't a chance because of all the companies false rumors, false advertisements & other dishonest happenings involving some of the more greedy part's of the government...
They did this because the hemp fibers of the marijuana plant were some high quality competition that made them crap they're greedy shorts... The reason for them shitting themselves? All they had was inferior synthetic rope and they new hemp was better but in case they lost they're disgusting campaign against good old pot...they did have just enough hemp rope to properly hang themselves...if they had lost...(OK, so that last part I added in for flavor but C'mon, I'm blogging over here! )
So, OK... if anyone out there can find information that could more validate that what I heard was to some degree.. fiction or a rumor than please comment below.

If anyone out there can dig up some information that could more corroborate what I have heard then please comment below. Thanks Uilium Powell of YouTube

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