Sunday, December 25, 2011

To The Masters of Vipassana Communicate are There Ways To Insights Better?

In A circle was how we moved. Our natural path in life is somehow to be numb to most of the goings on of the mind. Ignorance of these results in suffering . There is a way I know to reverse this natural path. Vipassana. Path of Insight. They don’t advertise it and I wonder why not.

We who have started on the path of new seeing wonder what’s ahead from those who have been on the path longer, the best teachings will come from the more ancient masters of the path…they should be able to tell us exactly how to do the whole Nirvana attainment quicker by just figuring out a way of telling us how the insights are done…I don’t know …I realize…but  I cant help  wondering if there is a way to put some phenomena into words. I wonder if it’s like trying to tell a man blind from birth what the experience of seeing the color red is like. I would tell the blind man that the color red is a certain frequency of light that changes its character slowly into another color as the frequency changes, like any certain color.  Humans see colors from certain things in existence and one of them is red.  


  1. Are you interested in creating video art?
    Have you heard about the A to Z Video Challenge?
    Blogging from A to Z

    Check it out. It's going on now.

    1. Sorry I am late in answering this...I never had a comment before on this blog. I sure am interested in video art! :) I have over 300 videos on YouTube and I generally try to make content that is new, something nobody has seen before...something artistic. Thanks for being the first to comment :)
      So what is The A to Z Video Challenge? I am very curious :)
      ....and if your interested here's where my video's are. Keep in mind that some are more artistic than others & there is a wide variety of different content:

    2. I watched some of your work. Man, you crack me up! This is some unique and funly absurd stuff. I'd love to see you submit something to what we're doing. We've had very few entries, but I don't think we've reached the right people for this.

      The Video Challenge is a prelim thing to a month long blog Challenge we do in April where bloggers blog for 26 days on topics related to the alphabet.

      We hoped to have some build up fun by having people make videos that would be promos of a sort about the Challenge. We are taking entries up to Sunday March 11.

      Here are the links for more info:
      about the A to Z Challenge:

      about the video contest:

      entries so far:

      Of course you can explore the page on your own to see more:

      I expect to have at least 1500 sign ups for the blogging part so your potential for exposure is not too bad. No great prizes this year since we started this late and it's mostly just an experiment.

      If you can put something together in less than a week, please go for it. I think you'd offer something so unique that it would mesmerize our audience. I've been putting contest videos up on a regular basis on the blogs, Facebook, and Twitter.

      Let me know if you'd like to do this and then submit the video when you are ready.

      Thanks for getting back to me and keep up the crazy fun.